Christ the King School is the parish school of Christ the King Catholic Church. It has a preschool and kindergarten program which serves children ages two years and nine months(2.9)through age five(5).

PHILOSOPHY We are committed to fostering the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spititual growth and development of our students in a loving, nurturing and safe environment.

We believe that the educational experience provided by the school must include an emphasis on spirituality and Christian living, a sound academic preparation-a curriculum intended to help each child develop as a responsive, competent person with a strong concept of self-worth,self-discipline, and a beginning commitment to principles of peace and justice.

We believe that the school must provide a creative atmosphere that encourages the child to explore, to question, to discover and strengthen talents, to respect and appreciate other persons, to develop self-confidence, and to have awareness and pride in their cultural heritage.

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and that the school assists the parents in that process.

CURRICULUM A developmentally appropriate curriculum is planned and implemented considering the unique needs of each child, their interest, strengths and developmental levels. All activities and subject matter are multi-dimensional and are integrated across the curriculum. Learning takes place as children participate in the many activities provided for creative expression, investigation, manipulation and experimentation with things in the classroom and their environment in general and also as they learn interact with their peers and adults.
ENVIRONMENT OF CTK The CTK children see the class site as their home of learning. Students are taught to believe in themselves and the entire environment highly promotes self esteem. Respect for each other is practiced consistently. CTK believes it is crucial for children to release energy and make physical stride in a safe controlled play area.

Christ the King School
1217 Hattiesburg Street
Jackson, MS 39209
(601) 352-5441